Workshy Son ‘Dismembered Parents – Then Cooked Up Diabolical Stew Of Human Remains’

Pure evil exists.

A workshy son murdered and dismembered his parents before cooking up a ‘diabolical stew of human remains’ using their remains, reports the Metro.

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Joel Guy Jr allegedly knifed his dad Joel Sr, 66, and mum Lisa, 55, to death during Thanksgiving 2016, before chopping them up and trying to dissolve them.

Prosecutor Leslie Nassos gave horrific details at the trial in Knoxville, Tennessee, including how Joel, 32, sliced his parents apart, separating their limbs from their torsos and how he had ‘broken off’ his mum’s head from the atlas of her spine.

He tried separating their body parts into tupperware containers, and his mother’s head was found boiling in a pot:

The killer put Lisa’s body parts in one [container], and Joel Sr’s in another, and then he covered them with a corrosive substance, and left them there to liquefy into some sort of diabolical stew of human remains.

And then, the killer took Lisa’s head and carried it downstairs, and took it into the kitchen. He got out a stockpot, placed her head in the pot, filled it with liquid, carried it over to the stove, covered it, turned on the stove, and left it there to cook.

Just look at Guy Jr’s reaction at the 7:54 mark when the prosecutor says the words ‘diabolical stew of human remains’. He actually look like he’s stifling a laugh before writing something down (god only knows what):

Knox News reporter Jamie Satterfield, who live-tweeted this week’s hearing, said Guy Jr had killed his 66 year-old father first, stabbing him 40 times while his mum was out. After Lisa Guy, 55, returned home, he killed her as well by stabbing her 30+ times.

Apparently Guy Jr slaughtered his parents after they confronted him about his never-ending studies, and told him they were withdrawing financial support. It’s said that the killer had hoped to claim his parents’ $500,000 life insurance package, with at least one of his siblings confirming the 32-year-old was on the verge of having his allowance cut-off.

The prosecution also managed to get its hands on a journal entry from Guy Jr in which he plotted the murders (smart), including:

Get killing knives – quiet, multiple…get sledgehammer – crush bones…bring blender and food grinder – grind meat.

He also revealed his motive in the journal like some kind of dumbass TV villain:

he’s not alive to claim her half of the insurance money – all mine $500,000.

Detective Jeremy McCord, who was first on the scene, found gallons of acid and cleaning products around the house in an effort to dissolve the corpses. He said the heating in the Guys’ home had been turned up, and branded the crime scene the worst he’d witnessed in his career.

With the murders occuring a day after Guy Jr had arrived at his parents’ home for Thanksgiving weekend, his mother’s colleagues raised the alarm after she failed to turn up for work the following Monday. McCord discovered what he called a ‘house of horrors’ after being asked to perform a welfare check at their address.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office say they also have receipts for items Guy Jr bought and which were later found at the murder scene. Guy Jr is said to have confessed to the killings after his initial arrest, as if anyone would believe otherwise.

Not to judge a book by its cover or anything but… yikes! I mean I don’t want to say that Joel Guy Jr looks like the sort of 32-year-old who would murder his parents over threats to have his pocket money taken away and then do unthinkable things to their bodies after murdering them, but I’m not saying he doesn’t look the type either. Obviously it’s impossible to tell that someone is a creepy, evil, murderous monster just by looking at them, but when you look like a mix of the Penguin from Batman Returns and Comic Book Guy from Simpsons and you throw in a pair of dead shark eyes, it’s wouldn’t be the most shocking thing in the world if that’s who you turned out to be.

Apparently Joel has asked to be put to death over the murders, though the state wants to give him life in prison instead. I wouldn’t want to go to federal prison either if I was him tbh. He’s gonna have a rough time in there for sure.

P.S. Just to add another twist to this whole story – does anyone know what in the hell is happening with his face here?

A symptom of when you enjoy hearing the gory details of your parents’ murders described in court, perhaps? It literally transforms you into a physical monster. Or maybe just a horrific tooth abscess or cancer or something. Either way – bun this guy.

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