Workers Demolish Wrong House After Looking Up Directions On Google Maps

Well, that’s awkward.

A demolition firm accidentally tore down the wrong house after they looked up an incorrect address on Google Maps.

Texas-based company Billy L Nabors Demolition had obtained a demolition permit for a duplex in Rowlett, Texas, but when employees called their supervisor to confirm the number of the flat they were demolishing, they failed to clarity the street address and ended up on Calypso Drive instead of Cousteau Drive — one street away.

Houseowner Lindsay Diaz pulled up while this was all going on and naturally freaked the hell out:

How do you make a mistake like this? I mean, this is just the worst. That’s what their job is — to wreck [houses] in demolition, and they really wrecked my life.

Remarkably, company CEO George Gomez described the situation as “not a big deal”.

Watch below:

Well, not really ideal is it? Can’t be blaming Google for that one though. I mean obviously Google Maps doesn’t give a damn which house you tear down. Google’s worth billions of dollars. They’re hardly bothered if they give you the wrong house on a demolition job.

What I don’t get is this joker CEO saying it’s “no big deal”. It’s pretty much the opposite of “no big deal”; you tore down the wrong damn house! I guess he blames it on Google and all.


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