Looking Back At The Bum-Obsessed Work Of Photorealist John Kacere

A look from behind.

In the Kardashian-age that we live in, never before have we seen such a severe obsession for people’s butts. Which is this artist’s work is more relevant than ever.

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The late American artist John Kacere, reluctant grandfather of photorealism, did just that. John spent the last thirty years of his life painting the only thing that interested him: the mid-section of the female body. Not only has he picked a visually pleasurable subject, but just the sheer lifelike nature of the paintings will have you questioning your own eye sight. They look so much like photographs, it’s hard to tell the difference:

John Kacere 1 John Kacere 2 John Kacere 3 John Kacere 4 John Kacere 5 John Kacere 6 John Kacere 7 John Kacere 8 John Kacere 9 John Kacere 10

Just incredible – it’s safe to say that John Kacere was a truly talented individual.

For more realistic oil paintings, click HERE.


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