This Video Of Women Reacting To Dick Pics Is Bound To Burst A Few Bubbles

Women React Dick Pics

Do girls actually like it when you send them a picture of your penis?

I’ve often wondered if women actually like it when guys send them pictures of their dicks, and it turns out that not all of them do. Sure, they could just be doing this for comedic effect in this video but all the reactions seem fairly genuine and don’t seem like they’re faked at all.

Basically every time you send a girl a dick pic it looks like all they do is laugh at it for a bit and then look at how weird your dick looks. Then make something up about how they’re feeling and send it back to you, that 100% isn’t how they feel about your dick by the sound of things. Dammit, they really had me fooled all this time.

If you still want to try sending one then check out our guide to taking the perfect dick picture, although it is a couple of years out of date now.


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