Introducing The Women-Proof Car


WhatsApp has conceptualised the women-proof car, designed to make driving “as enjoyable as possible” for women, complete with bubble effect (for parking), swivel seat (for reversing) and extra-large bumpers for any accidental scrapes and bumps.

It’s also bright pink (every girl’s favourite colour), which serves to ensure high visibility to “alert other road uses; specifically males.”

Obviously this is about as sexist as it gets and is offending plenty of people but let’s just take a step back and think about the bigger picture for a second. This does actually look like the easiest and safest car in the world to drive. You never have to drive in reverse and it probably feels like you’re driving a bumper car most of the time. If you get in an accident there’s a protective bubble so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Take away the pink and it’s actually just a car that could make a lot of peoples’ lives easier.

Matt Bott from Breakeryard conceded that the idea behind the car is “slightly tongue in cheek”.

Laura Bates from the Everyday Sexism Project said the concept car was “beneath even giving column space to.” Not for us!

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women proof car

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