VIDEO: Man Uses Hidden Crotch Camera To Prove Women Are Perverts Too

Women Are Pervs Too

A man used a hidden crotch cam to catch women staring at and photographing his giant bulge while he pretends to nap on the subway. The results are completely outrageous.

Liveleak uploaded this video yesterday about a guy who went onto the subway with a massive bulge in his pants and used a hidden camera to prove that women on the subway looked and stared at it while he pretended to be asleep. And there was a lot of staring. And people taking photographs. And even women licking their lips as they admired it from across the subway car.

For all the shit guys get for looking at girls all the time and staring at their tits etc, it’s good to know that girls are exactly the same, as I’m sure most people have suspected so I’ve really got to hand it to this undercover reporter. Thanks pal.

This video also seems to prove another point of controversy between the two sexes, as it seems size really does matter.

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