These Women Make ‘Art’ With Their Vaginas (VIDEO)

Sun Ping calligraphy

Must’ve been doing their kegel exercises.

Sun Ping, a calligrapher from north east China, has come under fire recently after he masterminded an art show which saw female performers holding brush pens with their vaginas to paint traditional Chinese calligraphy. He also got them to give up some of their pubic hair to make brush pens with.

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Chinese Artists Association have called her unique art form ‘vulgar’, ‘low class’ and ‘uncivilised’ and have thrown Sun Ping out from its professional body. In a statement the association said:

In recent years, Sun Ping used the name of performance art to promote “sexual calligraphy” in China and overseas. The general public have looked down upon it.

After investigation, his behaviour has indeed caused adverse social impact and great damage to the reputation of Chinese Artists Association.

Sun Ping calligraphy

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But Sun’s not really bothered by their criticism and said that he has been displaying vaginal calligraphy for many years in order to counter China’s sexual taboos. He added:

My art may seem ugly and vulgar on the outside because we’re clouded by principles and conventions.

But there is also elegance, beauty, and inner value. It is art.

Our culture is full of sexual taboos. If art is revered then why can’t sex be as well?

People who look at Bu Zhi Dao and only see sex will immediately criticise it and therefore miss its deeper meaning and message.

A vagina is too often labelled as vulgar, but is where we all come from.

You raise a valid argument there Sun.

I’m actually pretty impressed with their mad vaginal skills – nice work girls.

I wonder if Sun will actually have a run in with the local authorities over his crude art, much like this woman did after she tried to build a kayak out of her vagina?


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