Women Are Following A Disturbing New Social Media Trend Called ‘Ribcage Bragging’

That’s nothing to brag about.

Another day, another bizarre social media trend. It’s only just about ‘beach bod’ season and already we’ve seen a new image fad to take over the thigh gap and ab crack.

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Coined by the Daily Mail, the latest feat to contribute to the burgeoning issue of eating disorders amongst young women is called ‘ribcage bragging’. This refers to the many models and celebrities on Instagram who have been posting images of their protruding ribcages. Sexy?

While prominent ribcages are usually associated with people who are unwell and starving, it appears that it is now the hot new beauty trend for 2017. What a world we live in. Check out some of this year’s entries below:

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Predictably, the internet is not happy about it:

Whether this trend is here to stay is yet to be seen, but if you look at the increasingly worrying rates of depression and eating disorders amongst young people, particularly girls, it’s clear that the damage from social media is done.

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