Teenager Fights For His Life After Finishing The Final Level Of Social Media Suicide Game

The sinister power of social media.

Earlier this year we reported on a social media phenomenon called ‘Blue Whale’.

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This sinister online game involved different tasks and levels – the final being committing suicide and somehow it had convinced several teenagers to kill themselves.

This week another teenager was reported to have attempted suicide, which his mum believes is linked to the Blue Whale craze.


The unnamed 14-year-old was rushed to hospital after being found lying in the bathroom by his parents. He is currently fighting for his life. Here’s what his mum, Monica, had to say:

I knew that game existed, but I never imagined that he would be able to do something like this.

When we were told about this game, we told him to take care because this game was very dangerous.

He answered us, ‘Mum, I would never play this because it is satanic’.

Blue Whale

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Creepy. Monica added that the night before the attempted suicide she didn’t suspect anything, as he had dinner with the family, “and was very happy”. However, the next morning she found him unconscious in the bathroom:

I tried to revive him, but it was not possible and therefore we carried him to the hospital.

In addition to Monica’s statement, local media in Argentina said that the teen had recently updated his WhatsApp profile to say, “Playing Blue Whale Game”. Soon after that he said, “Goodbye everyone. I love you,” with a knife and crying emoji.


Local authorities are now investigating the incident and it’s said to be the first recorded case of a Blue Whale victim in the country. The game originated in Russia in 2015 and it consists of 50 challenges in 50 days, with the final being suicide. Obviously this is a very dangerous game and there must be something in it that has a hold on vulnerable teenagers if it can convince them to follow through to the end. If ever you hear of anyone playing this game then let their family or even the authorities know so that they don’t make it to the final level. Fingers crossed the teenager in this story makes a full recovery and never plays the game ever again.

For more evidence of social media’s influence on teenage suicide, click HERE.


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