These Two Women Passed Out On The Street After Arguing For Eight Hours Non-Stop

When you absolutely must have the last word.

Photos have emerged of the bizarre moment two women in China fainted after arguing with each other in the street for eight hours – kicking off at 2pm and screaming at each other until 10 at night.

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The women in Angkang City, China’s Shaanxi province, were going at it over some kind of unpaid debt.

According to the local police, they both fainted from exhaustion after the marathon argument session in extremely hot weather, where they kept babbling on without stopping for food or water.

According to onlookers, one woman was literally foaming at the mouth.

Ambulances were called after they both collapsed and the pair were taken to hospital.



And you thought your missus was the world champion of arguments? These two were flapping their gums for 8 hours non-stop and would probably still be out there arguing right now if their brains hadn’t short-circuited from the sheer stress and exhaustion of it. Some people just can’t handle not having the last word in an argument, and when two of those people collide in the middle of the street on a scorching hot summer’s day in China– well, this is what happens.

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