This Drunk Div Had A Text Argument With Himself After A Night Out And Didn’t Even Realise

Martin McNally

You wot mate?

Martin McNally got so drunk at a night out recently that he managed to get into an argument with himself.

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Him and his girlfriend had a great night getting smashed at the bingo (do people really do that?) before heading home for a few more bevvies. Apparently he didn’t remember the argument until the next morning when he woke up to see the angry messages and voicemails on his phone.

Martin McNally and girlfriend

What had happened was his girlfriend had given McNally his own number instead of a mutual friend’s that he requested. When he called the number it would beep and then he’d get a text saying that he had a missed call. So he started to text the number telling him:

I’m phoning you mate.

Obviously that same message came back in response and it all sort of spiraled from there. McNally said:

I had wanted to ring a friend of mine for some reason — to be honest I don’t even really remember why now — and so I asked for his number from Nicole but she must have read out my number by mistake.

Every time I called him, it just made this funny beeping sound and then would send me a message saying I had a missed call when I hung up. I thought it was him trying to phone me so I texted him to let him know I was calling him.

Text argument

text argument

I was too drunk to realise it was my own number. I must have got frustrated in the end and left it because I didn’t realise what I had done until the next day when I went through my phone calls.

It was really funny once I realised what I had done and just how long it went on for but at the time it was happening it was so funny, just really confusing and frustrating.

I showed it to all my friends and everyone was laughing at it. They all think it’s hilarious. I’m taking it in good humour though it does show I can be an idiot.

You don’t say. Although we all act like idiots when we’re drunk so you are excused. This is more ridiculous than that guy who drunk replied to his own text.


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