A Massive Women’s Royal Rumble Kicked Off In Miami As Police Tried To Shut Down The City

What the hell is going on in Miami?

What the hell is going on in Miami right now? It seems like a month ago it was the place to be with Spring break kicking off but now it’s turned into a Worldstar Hip Hop wet dream with riots and fights kicking off and police imposing curfews around the city.

Get a load of this madness from the other night:

Better than the Royal Rumble! In fact if you search ‘Miami Beach’ on Twitter you can see a whole lot more craziness going down – it’s pandemonium out there!

Actually looks like a hell of a time to be fair, but you just know it’s always only a matter of time before there’s some drama and the police get involved and a video of you getting knocked unconscious winds up on the internet for all eternity. Although I guess beating each other up in the streets is more normal than being locked down for 365 days, so at least Miami has that going for them.

To watch a teenager come flying off the table at Chipotle with a vicious WWE style elbow on his opponent, click HERE. Someone get Vince McMahon on the line!


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