These Three Women Beat The Shit Out Of A McDonald’s Employee Because ‘Service Was Too Slow’

They then took the greatest mug shots ever.

These three young ladies are facing charges after they assaulted a McDonald’s employee after she annoyed them by taking her sweet time with their order.

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The incident happened at a McDonald’s in Ohio over in the States. Police say Ashley England, Mary Jordan and Sammie Whaley attacked the female employee in the car park because she was “working too slowly” when dealing with their order.

Apparently they had their kids with them, who also participated in the assault. As a result two of the three women are charged not only with assault but with child endangerment.

On the plus side, they took these sweet mugshot photos afterwards:




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Fantastic stuff. We love a good mugshot at Sick Chirpse and these girls didn’t disappoint. They’re clearly baked off their faces (which explains why they were eating at Maccy’s in the first place), so this is precisely the kind of mug shot we’d expect to see from three lasses who beat up a McDonald’s employee in a car park. What a team.

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