Women Are Now Being Warned Not To Put Weed Pills In Their Vaginas

That’s not how you take it.

Do you remember a couple of weeks back when experts had to warn women not to put balls of perfumed herbs in their vaginas?

Well in a similar situation, there is a new warning to not do the same thing — this time with marijuana-based painkillers.

So it recently came to light that Foria pills, which are only legal and available in 23 US states because they contain high doses of THC, are being used by some people as a suppository painkiller for period cramps.


At £7.50 per capsule, the tampon-sized doses also contain CBD and organic cocoa butter and are claimed by the company to maximise muscle relaxing. Yeah, weed will do that to you. In addition they apparently won’t disrupt the natural pH balance or disturb the body in any way.

However, gynaecologist, Dr Jennifer Gunter, spoke out about the pills and said:

It’s completely untested. There’s nothing in scientific literature to support this dose or the safety of it.

When you compound medication for the vagina, which I do quite commonly, certain compounds can only be put in certain products.

I have no idea if cannabinoids are even compatible with cocoa butter. Normally you would do a study to test that, but there’s been zero testing with this.

Yeah, I mean, at risk of repeating what I said last time, I’m pretty sure it’s not the best idea to be shoving medicinal products up there without rigorous testing and professional advice. Plus if you look at their website it does look really basic and they sell some sort of sexual pleasure spray as well – definitely not the place to be buying pharmaceuticals.

Weed Heart

If you’re really suffering from period pains and regular paracetamol isn’t doing the trick, why not just smoke the stuff and then munch out on some fried chicken sandwich mac and cheese waffles — that’s got to make you feel better.


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