How About A Fried Chicken Sandwich Using Mac And Cheese Waffles Instead Of Bread?

Mac And Cheese Fried Chicken Waffles

Holy shit.

I’ve heard of waffle burgers before where you replace the bread with a waffle, but this is taking things to the next level by making the waffles mac and cheese waffles. They’re also throwing some bacon and hot sauce in, because I mean why not?

Sure to break your advised calorie intake for the day, this looks like it would be absolutely delicious, although perhaps pretty difficult to eat. And they’re not even that hard to make, providing you live near a shop that sells your regular food products and have a waffle maker. Check out the video below:

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It’s not long until the summer and these would be the perfect accompaniment for your BBQ. Delicious, but you probably won’t be able to eat anything for a week afterwards. Maybe serve them accompanied with some beer can burgers too?


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