This Woman’s Job Is Stacking It Hard For Other People’s Amusement

Paige Ginn

Enjoy your trip?

If there were an Olympic medal on offer in Rio this year for stacking it on your face, then Paige Ginn would be the gold favourite.

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We all know how embarrassing it can be if you fall in a public space, especially if it’s a really heinous bail which involves a painful landing. It’s made all the worse by the fact that Princess bounce house for anyone who sees it, your mates, family, strangers or the bloody Pope included, will instantly piss themselves rather than checking if you’re okay.

Never in my life have I seen a sequence of bails that are as majestic as this woman’s. The fist few times I watched it, I couldn’t work out how she was still even alive, such was the severity of the stacks that she records. But get up she does, and bail after bail, we’re so glad she does.

What a tremendous display.

To watch skater Jordan Maxham stack it multiple times before totally nailing a frontside flip over an 18-stair rail, click HERE.


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