Woman’s Insides Rotted So Bad, Mushrooms Grew Inside Of It (VIDEO)

Vomit material.

I thought I’d seen it all whilst working for Sick Chirpse, but oh how wrong I was. In what might be one of the most stomach churning stories I’ve heard all year, a woman had to have actual mushrooms removed from her stomach after they began to grow inside her.

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Doctors decided to share the horrific footage of them removing the fungi, some of which had grown up to 7cm long, from the 50-year-old woman’s stomach.

The reason they became lodged inside of her is because she would often cook dry mushrooms without soaking them and she wouldn’t chew properly. After suffering from a stomach ache, they discovered that the mushrooms had grown inside of her.

Luckily she’s OK now, and hopefully she’s learned her lesson. There isn’t MUSH-ROOM inside of a person for mushrooms. Well, not raw ones anyway.

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