A Woman Who Ate 4000 Chicken McNuggets A Year Has Dropped Ten Stone After Ditching Her Diet

Not surprised to be honest.

A woman who incredibly ate 4000 chicken McNuggets a year – I’m just working that out and that’s getting a 20 pack pretty much every other day of the year – has revealed that she managed to drop ten stone after ditching her diet and hitting the gym.

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That’s not really anything surprising, but just insane that she ate so many goddamn chicken McNuggets. And that they were specifically McNuggets as well – just think of all the non branded chicken nuggets she was probably eating as well. I mean, I like chicken nuggets but that’s just way too much, you know?

39 year old Kathryn Mulkern said that she ate breakfast and lunch at either McDonald’s or Burger King every single day but resolved to change her life when her doctors told her that her blood pressure was terrible and her cholesterol was through the roof. She signed up to Weight Watchers five years ago and has lost ten stone, having this to say about her transformation:

I have always been overweight, there isn’t one photo from my childhood where I am not the big one.

I am from an Italian and Irish background, so our diet was full of pasta and breads, it was so good for the soul but not for my body.

As I got older, I continued eating sweets and then takeouts when I moved out of my family home.

It was easier to grab a McDonalds on my way to work and then on my return, I knew I was obese, but I thought if I skipped lunch then it would be OK to stuff my face on the evening.

I suffered with anxiety and depression because I hated the way I looked so this would cause me to comfort eat.

As the weight dropped, I was shocked by what the human body was capable of and fell in love with lifting weights.

It isn’t about the number on the scale anymore for me, it is how I feel on the inside which is healthy and good.

I feel blessed to be alive.

Well that’s just great and I’m happy for her, but it’s not really that different to any other weight loss story out there is it? I’m still fascinated by how she used to eat chicken McNuggets every single day though. That really is something else. She never heard of the phrase ‘having too much of a good thing’.

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