A Supermarket Refused To Serve This Woman Without A Mask, So She Took Off Her Thong & Put It On


A woman over in south Africa has gone viral after coming up with a creative way to solve her mask problem at a Pick n Pay supermarket, after staff refused to serve her until she put one on.

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The woman casually reaches under her dress, whips off her thong and wraps it around her face. Boom – problem solved.

Bit gross? True. Super effective? Also true. Yeah OK the situation could have been avoided completely if the woman just wore a damn mask like the rest of us, but I still rate the way she sarcastically complied by taking her underwear off and wrapping it around her face. Anyone willing to take off their thong and put it directly from crotch to face is 100% committed to what they believe.

The best part is… it seems to have worked? Everyone kinda just looks around as if to say “eh, I guess that counts” and then come to the joint conclusion that this lady is technically wearing a face covering. Boom – everyone’s happy. Though I wonder if this supermarket now has a face mask and underwear requirement after this lady’s visit.

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