The Woman Who Spent Time Undercover In North Korea Warns There Is No Option But ‘Catastrophe’

North Korea

Every road leads to disaster.

A undercover journalist who reported from inside North Korea has said that every path for the country leads to “catastrophe” if Kim Jong-un gets taken down.

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Suki Kim said that opening up North Korea would pose a “completely bleak problem” for citizens because they “have been deprived of any tools that they need, education, information, sharing tools.”

Suki shared this information in her book ‘Without You, There Is No Us’ after working as an English teacher in the North Korean capital Pyongyang. During her time at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, Suki managed to smuggle notes out of the country for her book. She said:

Suki Kim

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It’s not a system that they can moderate. The Great Leader can’t be moderated. You can’t be a little bit less god. The Great Leader system has to break. But it’s impossible to imagine.

[Military] intervention is not going to work because it’s a nuclear power. I guess it has to happen in pouring information into North Korea in whatever capacity.

But then the population are abused victims of a cult ideology. Even if the Great Leader is gone, another form of dictatorship will take its place. Every path is a catastrophe. I’d love to offer up solutions but everything leads to a dead end.

Suki, you optimistic thing you. Seriously though, I guess she’s being realistic – this country does not know anything outside of a dictatorship and it has been censored for decades now. The citizens have been deprived of resources and controlled with cult ideology and this system is very hard to break without ending in suffering in some way.

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This comes at a time when tension on the Korean border threatens to worsen even further, while the Kim regime conducted its sixth nuclear test last weekend. Basically, things are going downhill at rapid pace and at the moment the outlook is very bleak. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that these rising tensions don’t reach boiling point – the last thing this world needs is a nuclear war.


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