Woman Tries To Murder Her Barber Because She Was Unhappy With Her Haircut

Most people just suck it up and accept it when they’ve received a sub-par haircut. Not this girl…

A California woman who was unhappy with her haircut returned to the San Diego salon and tried to shoot her barber, who luckily escaped when the gun jammed.

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Barber Manny Montero said that 29-year-old Adrian Blanchce Swain seemed fine with her haircut when she left the shop initially, having paid $20 and left a tip as well.


An hour later though, she returned to complain about the haircut and tried to shoot Montero three times, but the gun wouldn’t fire.

Manny’s colleague explains:

It was kind of like the Rihanna haircut. Easy haircut to do, to be honest.

She’s probably just having a bad day. It was more mental with her. But the haircut, it’s a very stylish haircut though.

Manny claims that Swain returned to the shop with a difference haircut than the one she left with:

She came in with you know a bald spot on the side and I’m like, “I didn’t do that”

Manny and another barber tackled the woman and held her on the ground until police arrived.


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Everyone knows the anguish that comes with receiving an irreparably shit haircut. Personally I can never bring myself to tell my barber that he’s fucked up my hair. He’ll put the mirror up behind my hair and I’ll just go “yeah that’s perfect”. I just suck it up and pretend like it’s all good and then go home and wait 2 weeks for my hair to grow back. Maybe if I owned a gun I’d go back there and do what Miss Swain did? Good thing I don’t live in America I suppose.


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