A Woman Who Thought She Was A Vampire Stabbed Her Boyfriend Because He Was A Werewolf

Vampire 1

The Vampire Diaries in real life.

It’s said that the path of true love never runs smoothly, but judging by the Twilight films (not that I’ve ever seen them) or countless other vampire/fantasy films and novels, it probably has a better chance if you’re at least the same species of weird fantasy animal. Just saying.

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With that in mind, it was probably never going to work out between 22 year old Ekaterina Tirskaya and her unnamed lover because she identified as a vampire and thought that he was a werewolf. She actually claims she had some kind of psychotic delusion and thought that she was Elena Gilbert from the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries and that it was her job to kill all the werewolves out there, so it was never ever going to work out after she suspected him of being a vampire, was it? No, no it wasn’t.

The actual circumstances of their ‘relationship’ is even grimmer than just not working out though. The pair met via social media and slept together , after which Ekaterina turned into a weirdo and accused him of being a werewolf, The report said the following:

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She grabbed a knife in the kitchen and suddenly attacked him when he was getting out of the bath.

He managed to get hold of the knife.

But she grabbed another one and stabbed him in the chest.

Yeah, really don’t think that’s going to work out at all. The dude managed to escape from his flat and call on some neighbours for some help and ended up surviving, but there was no coming back from this and the star crossed lovers were officially over with Ekaterina heading to jail. She was found guilty of GBH, forced to pay £3900 in moral damages to her lover and sentenced to two years in jail, after psychological testing determined that she was completely sane and not suffering from any psychotic episodes. Just a weird one then I guess?

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