Woman Takes A Shit In Broad Daylight Then Lets Her Boyfriend Smell Her Hand

Woman Shit Car Park

Best date ever.

When most people think of going on a date, they probably think of something like dinner and a movie or maybe if they’re feeling extra crazy then they’ll go to a life drawing class together. It’s fairly simple stuff.

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Most people probably don’t consider going to a car park, taking a shit and then letting your partner smell your hand to be an appropriate. The guys in this story down at the B & M store in Chelmsford do though.

An anonymous 45 year old woman who observed the scene tells us what happened:

The woman walked over to the tree and pulled her dressing gown up to go to the toilet.

I had to take a picture because no-one would have believed me. I was nearly sick: she pulled up her dressing gown and did a poo.

You can get fined if you let your dog do it, but here she was in broad daylight.

Woman Shit Car Park 1

She let the flaps on her dressing gown drop back down and walked over to her boyfriend who smelt her hand.

People stuck in traffic going up to the Army & Navy roundabout would have been able to see her cheeks.

It’s disgusting and unbelievable, I’d have had to have said something to her if I had my daughters there.

Good thing her daughters weren’t there or she would have got a piece of this woman’s mind eh! Or more likely she wouldn’t have had the guts to say anything and just moaned about it to a newspaper, exactly like happened here.

Let’s take a minute to talk about the date though – it sounds absolutely spectacular right? I mean they must have been off their tits to walk around in public and then take a shit in broad daylight, that’s like some serious drinking or serious meth kind of shit right? I couldn’t even contemplate taking a shit in public – how would you wipe your butt after – so she really does deserve props for not giving one single solitary fuck.

OK in all seriousness, maybe it’s not exactly my idea of a the best date ever, but it certainly sounds better than this one.


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