Woman Who Tried To Take A Bullet For Her Dog Cleared Of Obstructing Justice (VIDEO)

This girl is an absolute hero.

A woman who stood between an armed police officer and her dog has been acquitted of obstructing police justice.

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Tiffanie Hupp, 23, was arrested on May 9 last year after she tried to stop West Virginia state trooper Seth Cook from shooting her dog Buddy, who was chained to a wall at the time.


During the trial, Cook said he had been trained to shoot dogs whether they were chained or not. He had been called to the property to solve an argument between Tiffanie’s husband’s stepfather and a neighbour.

When Cook showed up, Buddy started “yapping” and ran towards him. He took out his handgun and aimed at the dog, and a horrified Tiffanie ran to stand in the way. Cook then manhandles and arrests her.


The jury watched the video and like any decent people would do, acquitted Tiffanie of any wrongdoing.

Watch below:

Honestly I think my faith in humanity would’ve been completely destroyed if Tiffanie had been found guilty here. I don’t know how many dog owners were on that jury but if there was even one then there’s no chance you’d get a full 12 decision. This girl put her life on the line for her dog — thankfully her husband recorded the whole thing otherwise who knows how this would’ve turned out.

That arsehole cop needs to be suspended at the very least though. He wasn’t even in danger and was ready to shoot that dog dead. Totally unacceptable.

Oppositely, here’s what happens when police dogs get out of control.


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