Woman Sues Local Facebook Group Admin Over Claims She’s Having Sex With Cat



I think we all know that those Facebook groups and NextDoor and whatever can all get a bit out of hand at times, but the story below is one of the most outrageous I’ve ever come across as someone is now threatening legal action over claims that she was having sex with her cat. Talk about dramatic on every side.

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24 year old Jess Hoyle is in the middle of a bizarre court case where she’s taken exception to someone posting in a Facebook group that she regularly played with her cat’s balls. The problem is though that she apparently admits to saying this, but insists that it was only said in jest when she was very drunk on a hen do. Confused?

Well it turns out that it does make slightly more sense than you may have first thought. The hen do was going on at a house in Launceston, North Tasmania where all the hens were revealing gross sexual confessions, and Hoyle says that she felt pressured into saying something but didn’t want to reveal she was queer:

I had to listen to everybody talk about what they do with their man.

I felt pressured to come up with something but didn’t want to reveal that I was gay as I didn’t know everyone there.

The woman before me said that she had sex with her toothbrush, so I just decided to make something up.

So I said ‘I don’t have a man but I have a cat and I play with his balls.

The funny part about this is that Bruce (her cat) doesn’t have any balls.

I made it up.

It was bullsh*t.

What was I going to say? Nothing and be the odd one out?

That all sounds fair enough although that is kind of a weird story to make up? You could have just said you had sex with a broom or wanked off in your car or outside or something and nobody would have thought anything of it? Pets are a bit off limits in these kinds of scenarios, you know?

Anyway, an unnamed man decided to post on Facebook that Hoyle had sexual relations with her cat – and that he definitely wasn’t joking – and the post went viral, evidently causing a supreme amount of distress for Hoyle. So much so that she’s taken the man to court and is now seeking an apology and her legal bills paid.

The man in question is fighting it, saying that he believed what she said to be true as people tell each other deep and dark secrets about themselves on a hen night. He also said that people have a right to know because he found the confession distressing and disturbing. I guess maybe that could be correct although it does seem a bit mean spirited.

Anyway, I’m not really sure what’s gonna happen with this one. I suppose the guy had every right to post it if he thought it was true considering Hoyle had said it in the first place and she’s admitted that, so I can’t really see him having a case to answer here. Bit weird that it’s even gone to court in the first place.

Jess just needs to say it wasn’t true and laugh it off. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill because I think the more she draws attention to it the more people are probably going to think there’s an element of truth to it. Unlucky.

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