Woman Strips Naked And Protests On The Roadside to Prove Her Love to Her Boyfriend (VIDEO)

He needs to run a mile.

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Heartbreak is hard. And stripping naked might help get your ex’s attention, but going starkers in the middle of moving traffic and telling people how ‘madly in love’ you are with your boyfriend will just send him running for the hills (and who can blame him, sounds like he had a lucky escape).


Happening in Argentina, the woman photoed above striped completely naked and sat on a bench by the motorway where drivers were obviously shocked at what they were witnessing. She said:

I’m like this for Fabian Sosa, my eternal love. I want to show him all my affection.

Complete nutter. If there’s any justification for him dumping you and never coming back, it’s that. People started to record her and she still decided to stay put in some strange naked protest.

The woman was eventually taken away by police who covered her up and took her to hospital and no one’s sure if the naked protest was successful or not but it probably wasn’t because really. Want more nudity? Watch this crack whore strip on a busy commuter bus.


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