Woman Stops Man Boarding Up Shop So She Can Take A Photo For Instagram, Then Drives Off In Her Mercedes

Perfect metaphor for everything going on right now.

The tragic death of George Floyd and the chaos and destruction it has led to around America has made this one of the most maddening times in the country’s recent history, but that hasn’t stopped one Instagram influencer from trying to use the situation to her advantage.

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Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin AKA @fionamariarty on Instagram literally interrupted a man boarding up his shop to protect it from looters and rioters so that she could hold his drill for a second and look as though she was helping. She had her picture taken for the Gram, then hopped back into her Mercedes and drove away:

Wow. Imagine being so desperate for attention and social media clout that you would actually think this was a good idea. Probably put up a deep quote beside the photo as well to make out like she really put in the work on behalf of her terrified community. There’s no real way of knowing for sure though because she’s since put her Instagram on private after the stunt completely backfired in her face.

The cringiest part though is when she says “Good job guys, BLM.” as she drives off. What an absolute bell end. 2020 can’t be over soon enough.

For the Instagram influencer with 1.3 million followers who was exposed for faking her coronavirus diagnosis, click HERE. Are there no lengths these psychos won’t go to for clout?


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