This Woman Is Staging Concerts From Inside Her Vagina


Canadian artist Dayna McLeod is staging a show in her vaginal canal. How? Well, it’s a bit complicated.

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Dayna’s ‘Uterine Concert Hall’ project involves her running a cable from a separate DJ booth into her vagina just a few feet away, and pumping music into her uterus.

Audience members are then invited to listen to the DJ’s music via headphones connected to the booth OR a stethoscope to ‘eavesdrop’ on the show happening inside Dayna’s vagina, and then compare the sounds and emotional connection they feel to the music.

Turns out they’re queuing round the block to have a listen over in her neck of the woods:





Dayna told the Huffington Post:

These listeners had a much more up close and personal experience with me over the headphone listeners.


Well, who needs a regular sound system when you can just grab a stethoscope and listen to the beats coming from this nutcase’s vagina, right? Maybe if I rocked up there and took a dump in the middle of the street I could call myself an artist too. We’re all just expressing ourselves after all.

At least it’s not as gross as hanging up your used tampons for display (NSFL).


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