Woman Spotted Wearing Full Hazmat Suit In Washington’s Dulles Airport

Woman Hazmat Suit

People are getting really worried now.

The whole world is terrified about Ebola right now – although some people clearly don’t understand it from some of the things they’ve been tweeting about it – and that paranoia has peaked today as a woman was photographed wearing a full hazmat suit in Washington’s Dulles airport, although the suit wasn’t exactly all that as it left her wrists exposed and she had to wear gloves to cover them up.

The guy who took the photograph didn’t approach the woman to ask her where she was heading, but with two people now diagnosed with the disease in Texas it really could have been anywhere in the world. Here’s hoping she was at least travelling to Africa which would make it slightly more acceptable but it seems unlikely.

However, we probably shouldn’t laugh because when everyone else is infected with Ebola she’ll still be standing and fighting off all the Ebola patients that have risen from the dead.

Woman Hazmat Suit


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