A Woman Has Been Spotted Dancing Topless In A Graveyard

Dancing naked Graveyard

As you do.

There’s the old phrase that when someone you really hate dies then you go and dance on their grave, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard of anyone doing this in real life.

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The video below might suggest otherwise though, as it features a topless girl dancing in a graveyard, presumably in the spot where one of her enemies was buried. It was taken at the Howff Burial Ground in Dundee over the weekend and features 22 year old Anna Ottorbeck flailing her arms around like she’s conducting some kind of voodoo seance there.

However, Anna insists that she wasn’t doing anything like this, instead saying it was part of her studies at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance:

We’ve been filming here for a while, but last time no one really noticed us.

Now we have lots of people looking – passers-by are shouting out and the residents in the flats above were laughing.

It doesn’t bother me at all. I want to be a contemporary dancer so I’m not self-conscious about dancing in public, or my body.

I mean yeah OK sure, but it doesn’t really explain why she’s dancing around a graveyard? I guess it looks kinda cool but isn’t it also highly disrespectful unless you’re doing some pagan/witchcraft kinda shit? If I was living in the area then I would definitely be keeping my eye on her. Just saying.

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