Woman Left Raging By Spice Girls Fan Who Pooped In Her Garden On Way To Edinburgh Gig

Spice Girls


In a bid to tap into the never-ceasing nostalgia market, the Spice Girls (minus Posh Spice) have decided to go on another tour years after their rise to fame back in the 90s.

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While this is good news for people who want to take a trip down pop memory lane, one woman over in Edinburgh is pissed. Why? Because one of the fans who was on their way to the show decided to take a shit in her garden. Grim.

Around 67,000 fans attended the concert at BT Murrayfield Stadium and Police Scotland even took to social media to thank attendees for their behaviour.

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But one woman stepped in with the following:

Thank you to the gentleman who unfortunately left his toilet remains in a housing estate in Russell Gardens on way through to the concert! Your mother would be so proud … Not.

Plus some considerate soul used the garden path to vomit in on the way home from the concert so if u woke up this morning with what you though was dog poo on your shoes….. think again.

That truly is another level of gross. I can kinda, sorta understand taking a cheeky piss on the street if you really are that drunk and can’t hold it in. Don’t get me wrong, that is repugnant behaviour – but to actually defecate on someone’s property? Surely the Spice Girls wouldn’t approve.

If the culprit is reading this, I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself this: who do you think you are? (Sorry, I had to).

Of course, this isn’t the only controversy that’s come out in light of the recent tour. Before they’d even set off, Mel B revealed she once had a fling with Geri Halliwell. Read all about it HERE.


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