This Woman Has Spent Thousands On Trying To Get The ‘Biggest Lips In The World’


I didn’t think anyone was still posting on their social media about their ridiculous plastic surgeries to look absolutely awful, but today this woman has come to our attention as she continues on her quest to possess the biggest lips in the world.

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22 year old Bulgarian philosophy student Andrea Ivanova is the woman in question and started her mission back in 2018 when she had her first lip filler procedure. She’s now up to her 20th and says that she doesn’t want to stop until her lips are officially the biggest in the world.

Not sure who could possibly be ahead of her given how humongous they now are, but she’s accumulated 47,000 followers on Instagram just from posting pictures of her with her ridiculous lips so I guess she’s doing something right in that respect.

I guess if that’s what you’re into then that is some of the best content out there?

The whole situation gets even weirder when you see what Andrea looked like before she became addicted to plastic surgery because she’s way hotter than since she started getting it. People are weird man.

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