Woman Spends $600K To Look Like Kim Kardashian; Now Spending $120K To ‘Detransition’



Another week, another crazy story about someone who has spent a ridiculous amount of money to look like someone else and then decided that it wasn’t actually worth it and is spending another astronomical sum of cash to reverse the process.

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The woman in question is 29 year old Brazilian model Jennifer Pamplona, who has had over 40 cosmetic surgeries over the past 20 years at the cost of $600,000 in an attempt to look like Kim Kardashian, only to then realise that it wasn’t actually worth it and spend another $120,000 on ‘detransitioning’. Where do these maniacs manage to find this kind of money for such processes?

Anyway, here’s what Pamplona had to say about her experience:

People would call me a Kardashian and it started to get annoying.

I had worked and studied and was a businesswoman.

I had done all these things and had all these achievements in my personal life, but I was only being recognized because I looked like a Kardashian.

I discovered that I was addicted to surgery and I wasn’t happy, I was putting filler in my face like I was in the supermarket

It was an addiction and I got into a cycle of surgery equals fame and money, I just lost control of everything. I went through a lot of hard times.

I realised I was suffering from body dysmorphia and tracked down a doctor in Turkey who could reverse the process.

I saw on the computer beforehand how I would look and it was like I was having a rebirth.

The cost of the operations wasn’t cheap, with the stunner splashing out six figures for the surgery, which she recently underwent.

I had a face and neck lift, buccal fat removal, cat eye surgery, a lip lift and a nose job all at once.

I went into the operation room as one person and I came out as another.

The best feeling is knowing I’m not in a fight with myself anymore.

I am now who I wanted to be and I really now understand the meaning of life.

There are people who make it [surgery] look good on Instagram but life isn’t perfect, and being addicted to surgery isn’t a good thing.

I feel like I can help a lot of people with my life story, but my face is beautiful and now I look even more beautiful.

I suppose that’s kind of inspiring that she’s eventually found her happiness – it’s just a shame that’s it’s taken her about 50 surgeries, $700,000 and twelve years to get to that point. You kinda get the feeling that one of these doctors that performed all these surgeries on her maybe should have questioned her repeated attendance or something? Anything?

Anyway, Pamplona has also revealed that she’s partnered with a doctor over in Brazil with the aim of opening up a foundation to help people with body dysmorphia, so it’s great to hear that she’s into the idea of helping others after her own troubles. Let’s hope that she succeeds in achieving that so nobody else has to go through what she did. It doesn’t look like that much fun.

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