A Woman Sold Her Neighbour A Freezer With Her Dead Mother’s Body Inside For $30

That’s one way to dispose of the evidence.

Over in Greensboro, North Carolina, a woman is claiming that her neighbour sold her a freezer with her mother’s dead body inside for the discount price of $30.

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The woman must have thought she was getting a sweet deal with that price tag, but I doubt she could ever have expected what she would find inside it. The seller tried to get out of it by telling her not to open the freezer because it was being used as a ‘time capsule’ for a project she was involved with at her local Sunday School. 10/10 for inventive excuses.

After three weeks of waiting without any church officials showing up to collect the contents of the freezer, the woman had enough and finally decided to open it. Upon her discovery she called the police who confirmed that human remains were in fact continued within the freezer.

The neighbour apparently skipped town straight after the transaction and has yet to be found. She claimed that she was moving to West Virginia to take care of her ailing mother, but it seems like a more sinister reason was behind her departure from her home (pictured below).

Frezzer Dead Mom

The original woman had the following to say about it all:

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She sold me her frozen mother for $30. How do you do something like that??

(She was) Just the sweetest lady. I mean quiet, kept to herself, stayed at home. Just unbelievable how she could just stick her mom in a freezer.

Well yeah, I guess the old saying that you never know what goes on behind closed doors here is true, but as far as an ingenious way of disposing of the body and getting a three week head start on anyone looking for you we’ve got to take out hats off to her. I’m unsure if she’ll ever be able to look at herself in the mirror again though.

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