Woman’s Method To Smuggle Vodka Into A Racecourse Didn’t Quite Go To Plan

Vodka sandwich

A+ for creativity, F- for execution.

A woman decided to try her luck at the Southwell Racecourse over the weekend by attempting to smuggle a bottle of vodka in a sandwich.

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Normally race-goers are only allowed to drink alcohol that is bought on site, meaning a day at the races can get pretty expensive. This woman thought she could get around this issue by smuggling a bottle of voddy into Sunday’s Ladies Day – the site’s biggest event of the year.

However, her plan was foiled after she was caught out by security guards. The racecourse posted a picture of the offending sandwich on Twitter, warning future attendants, “you hide it, we find it!”

Damn – and she was so close. Normally Southwell Racecourse confiscates any alcohol they find, but in this case they decided to be kind and allow the woman to come and collect it. They said:

We offered them the alcohol back but they haven’t come to collect it, so it’s just sitting in the office.

We get a few people trying to be a little bit sneaky, putting vodka in water bottles, but nothing quite as innovative as this!

You’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty cunning way to smuggle booze into an event, but unfortunately it was still no match for the racecourse’s savvy security guards. In this case it’s A+ for creativity and F- for execution.

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