Woman Slit Boyfriend’s Throat Then Had A Cup Of Tea As She Waited For Police To Arrive

And you thought your girlfriend was weird.

A woman who murdered her boyfriend by slashing his throat from behind then slept near his corpse, before calling police and making herself a cup of tea as she waited for them to arrive, reports WCAX.

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Averil Beliveau, 30, denies murdering Cameron Faling, 45, at his studio flat in Burlington, Vermont, last week, and claims she acted in self-defense.

After killing Cameron, Averil is said to have gone to her parents’ house to change clothes, then returned again to Cameron’s to spend the night close to his corpse. She finally called police around 7am the next morning to confess she’d ‘slit his neck’, and was chilling with a cuppa on the sofa, surrounded by a bloodbath, when they arrived.

Averil told police she’d slashed Cameron to death after he tried to choke her. She also said they would frequently argue about house chores, and she was annoyed at him for not buying her weed that day.

The self-defense claims don’t really add up though because as prosecutor Sarah George said in court Monday – victim Cameron was the only person who had defensive wounds.

Opposing bail for Averil, who is charged with second-degree murder, the prosecutor said:

There are some concerns about her mental health.

That could make her a danger to the public.

You don’t say. I mean you’re bound to a bit dangerous if you’re the sort of person to slash your boyfriend’s throat and watch him bleed to death in front of you, but the fact she managed to get some shuteye that same night whilst in the same room as that corpse is what really tips this over the edge. Not to mention how she then woke up bright and early, poured herself a cup of tea, and calmly phoned police to let them know what she’d done.

Also not to victim-blame or anything, but I wonder if this happens if Cameron had brought home the weed that day? Must have really wound Averil up for her to mention it to police. Sounds like this relationship was a ticking time-bomb either way though. RIP Cameron Faling.

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