This Woman Makes Money From Her Tinder Matches Using This One Simple Trick

Maggie Archer

Easy cash.

A woman named Maggie Archer AKA the scammer of the month came up with an incredibly simple method to make money off of guys on Tinder – and no, it has nothing to do with prostitution.

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She basically changed her bio to ‘send me $5, see what happens’. Obviously guys being guys, their imaginations let them get the better of them. This pretty much suggests that they’ll at least get something kinky in return for their donation. However, what really happens is they send the money to her Paypal and then she instantly un-matches them. It’s by the far the simplest yet most genius way to use Tinder:

Since changing her bio, Maggie’s been raking it in, with over 20 men donating in just a few days. So that’s $100 dollars for literally doing nothing.

I can tell you that from scanning over some of the Tinder submissions over the last week, already a load of other girls are trying this trick to make a fast buck. Which means that this method only has a short shelf life. Should’ve kept this one to yourself Maggie.

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