Woman Shames Creep Who Told Her To ‘Kill Herself’ After She Refused His Sickening Advances

How to deal with online creeps in 2019.

When are people going to learn? Act like a creep on social media in 2019, and it’s the easiest thing in the world to expose you. Simple.

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This loser named Dan seems to make a habit of perving on young women online and then throwing a fit when they reject his advances, including calling them ‘fat’ and advising that they kill themselves.

Recently, he targeted a student from Birmingham who was only too happy to play his game and then share the screenshots online. I mean it’s crazy that Dan couldn’t see this coming. 

It all began when he posted the word ‘filthy’ under images of the girl posing in her underwear. When he realised this approach wasn’t doing anything for her, he turned nasty.

Here’s how it played out:

Lovely stuff. Soon as Dan realised the girl had sent his chat-up technique viral, he turned even nastier:

Delete the convo or I’ll send your family screenshots of the tie up stuff.

She replied:

Weird asking a girl for nudes then telling her to kill herself when she said no.

To which he said:

I’ll give you five minutes because you’re f **  out of order.

As the exchange spread around the internet, other girls who Dan had ‘approached’ shared their own screenshots of his lame attempts at chatting them up, including this one by @_poppyl:


Maybe Dan can take some tips from the countless lotharios that make up our Best & Worst of Tinder series. Then again, probably not.


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