Woman Tries To Internet Shame Uber Driver, It Backfires On Her Massively (VIDEO)

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This Uber driver went absolutely MENTAL on this girl, but for good reason.

Driving an Uber on the side or even full-time is a pretty sweet gig, if you can put up with the sheer amount of morons that you’ll be driving around, that is.

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One such moron had her Uber driver take her to the hospital, and even though she says she’s in a hurry, she refuses to get out of his car even though they’ve arrived at the destination. Not only that, the driver also mentions she was late getting INTO his car in the first place.

The woman uploaded the footage onto YouTube and I guess thought everyone would side with her. NOPE – all anyone wants to do was tell her what an utter dickhead she’s been.

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Whoops. Somehow I don’t think that was the reaction she was expecting.

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