This Woman Says She Will Receive £10,000 Of Gifts From Her Married Lovers On Valentine’s Day

What’s the point of monogamy?

They say that it never really pays to be the bit on the side, but 37 year old model Hayley Leeanna is trying to blow that myth out of the water by revealing that she’s expecting to receive £10,000 worth of gifts from her married lovers this Valentine’s Day.

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Here’s what she had to say about it all:

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Valentine’s is a great time to be a mistress because you can make a fortune with the gorgeous gifts.

I get the very best jewellery, watches and always ensure that I get a bit of winter sun in the run-up to February with a free break with one of my wealthy lovers.

Married men are always a little more generous at this time of year because they feel guilty about abandoning their mistresses on Valentine’s when they know they will have to be with their wives.

I don’t mind at all because the last thing I want them to do is break up with their wives. I like being a bit on the side – you are treated much better that way and the gifts are more expensive.

Valentine’s is my favourite time of year – it’s when I replenish my jewellery drawer, get a new designer watch and get away to the sun when it is wet and cold.

I have been seeing the investor who bought the gold chain on and off for the last three years. He is in New York a lot for business which is where he bought the gorgeous gold chain. I see him once a month in London. We meet for dinner and then normally go to a hotel for sex.

We have a nice tradition of him spoiling me at Valentine’s – I always get a beautifully wrapped little box at the start of our date. It is always jewellery. His wife lives in the Home Counties and he stays in London hotels a lot because he works long hours. It provides a perfect cover for his affairs.

The musical note pendant is from a stockbroker lover who has a largely sex-less marriage with his wife. She lost interest years ago and turns a blind eye to his affairs. I know I am not his only lover and I’m cool with that. It’s not as if I am exclusive with him.

The Thai break was to Phuket with a businessman who has made a lot of money investing in wellness retreats right across the Far East.

He spends most of the winter travelling out to his various retreats to check they are well run and normally bring a lover along with him for the ride.

‘He is separated from his wife but still uses IllicitEncounters because he says that the woman are low maintenance and that suits his circumstances. He is one of the wealthiest men on the site and is worth several millions.

He likes to make love on the beach with the waves lapping on our toes. It’s a lovely thing to do at night after a romantic meal. We always fly first class so the breaks must cost him an absolute fortune.

I also see a businessman every few months who loves watches. He always has a huge new timepiece on his wrist and loves to pick his favourite female watches for me.

Last year, I got a very bling D&G watch which I adore and this year he gave me a more elegant gold one from Gucci which is pretty special.

I would hate the idea that I was breaking up anyone’s marriage but that is definitely not the case.

Most of the guys have an understanding with their wives. A lot of women cheat on the site too after doing a deal with their husbands. It is usually to do with mismatched sex drives.

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I mean it kinda sounds like HAyley is just bigging up IllicitEncounters there doesn’t it (this isn’t and advertorial, but I imagine the original article probably was) but I guess there is some truth to what she’s saying and she seems to be enjoying her life with all her rich boyfriends. I suppose if that’s what you want and you’re happy to have a whole bunch of boyfriends that only wanna spend a few nights with you a year then it’s perfect – but I know that most people out there want a whole lot more than that when they’re getting on with their lives.

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