Watch A Woman Ruin A Guy With Her Breasts As Punishment For Cat Calling Her (NSFW)


Pretty weird punishment.

Obviously cat calling and guys making crude sexual comments to women in the street is a serious problem that doesn’t seem to show any sign of ever letting up in this country, but I’m not sure if dealing with it the way this woman does is actually going to help anything.

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The video has started after she’s already been abused in the street and has decided to take matters into her own hands. She’s stamping on the balls of the guy before she gets on top of him and starts punching him, and then bizarrely takes off her top and motorboats him with her boobs:

Wow. What’s all that about?

Call me crazy, but if I was the guy who had cat called her and I ended up with that as my punishment, I think I might actually enjoy it? I mean not the first part where she’s crushing his balls and all the punching – if she just did that then it might discourage guys from acting like assholes – but the motor boating part is kinda like a reward? Don’t really get what she’s trying to prove there at all, but hey whatever.

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