Banker Caught On CCTV ‘Motor Boating’ Woman Says He Was’ Just Looking For His Phone’

Christaggelis Christoforou

“It’s OK, I’m Greek.”

A former banker who was caught on CCTV motor boating a woman against her will has tried to claim he was just trying to find his phone which he had dropped. Oh what and your face just happened to accidentally shake from side-to-side? Somehow I don’t think that’s going to hold up in court.

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25-year-old Christaggelis Christoforou was seen laughing on camera with some of his friends before the motorboat attack. In the video you can apparently see the woman recoil in horror before pushing the slimy little prick away, only for him to reach out for another go. That excuse is seeming less likely by the minute.

Christaggelis Christoforou

The victim said:

We were in a group and while we were talking Chris reached out and touched my breasts.

He leaned his head down and pushed his face between my breasts inside my top and moved his face around.

The court heard how Christoforou justified his actions to the victim by saying that it was OK because “he was Greek,” whatever that means. He also said that it was just “a bit of fun.” Oh yeah sexual assault is so fun. Creeps like this are adding to the ‘Donald Trump’ culture where men think it’s OK to just “grab women by the pussy” because it’s just a bit of a laugh. It’s definitely not guys. Anyway, the trial is still ongoing so there’s no conclusion as of yet – hopefully he gets some jail time just for being such a slimy wanker.

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