Disturbing Content: Things Go Wrong After Revealing She Was ‘Transgender’ To Her Date

Oh dear.

Oh dear. Obviously physically assaulting someone is never OK even if they have massively betrayed your trust, but when it comes to transgender dating it’s probably crucial to let the other person know you are trans as soon as possible. I mean you’d be pretty chuffed if you looked/sounded so convincing that the other person can’t tell with their own eyes and ears, but still – you have to tell the truth. It’s an important bit of information!

Again – not victim-blaming here. It’s absolutely not right that this lad punched her up when she gave him the news. But the idea of not disclosing that you are trans and surprising them with a big trans penis in the bedroom seems like a violation of the other person’s trust and consent. It’s gonna end in tears 9/10 times. Unfortunately in this case it ended in a black eye too. You hate to see it.

To meet the trans woman who injected industrial silicone into her face, click HERE. The results went about as well as you’d expect.


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