A Woman Has Revealed That She Had The Best Sex Ever With Her Husband’s Twin Brother



We all know that having sex is awesome – except for you loser virgins out there – but we all know that some sex is better than others for countless different reasons. People are different – that’s just the way it goes.

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Oftentimes we end up having the best sex of our lives with people we only met once rather than the ones that we choose to spend the rest of our lives with and that’s usually fine – unless it turns out that the former ends up being the twin brother of your life partner. This was the unusual situation that one woman found herself in and of course without really being able to tell anyone about it, she took to the internet to blog out her feelings.

Here’s what she had to say:

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Most people can’t tell my husband Danny and his brother Tom apart. Even their own mother mixes them up from time to time. It doesn’t help that they dress in a similar way, have the same hairstyle and the same hair colour.

Once you get talking to them you realise who is who. My husband Danny is an absolute extrovert while his twin is the opposite, the introvert. He speaks softly, doesn’t like being the centre of attention and he’s a great listener. My husband is very loud, some people think he’s obnoxious and you’re lucky if you can get a word in at all.

There are a couple of very subtle physical differences that you only notice when you’ve spent time with both of them – for starters Tom’s nose is slightly misshapen due to a football accident. And Danny’s left eye is slightly ‘squinty’ but, from a distance, it’s difficult to say who is who.

There’s a secret I’ve been keeping for years and only one person knows about it

At a friend’s 30th I met a gorgeous guy, he was quite shy but we had a few laughs, a few drinks and ended back at my apartment. We had an amazing night together but, the next day we didn’t exchange numbers. I guess it was a kind of silent agreement that it was a one night fling only.

It was probably the best sex I’d ever had. He’d told me he had a girlfriend, so he made it quite clear our night together wasn’t going to go any further and I didn’t mind, I was just looking for a fun night.

About a year later, I found him on Tinder

We arranged to meet for coffee and I couldn’t believe he didn’t seem to remember me. I’d had my hair cut and dyed so I thought that was why he didn’t recognise me. Anyway, I thought that was okay, I’d remind him of our one night stand when we caught up.

But when he walked into the café, I realised right away it wasn’t him – it wasn’t just his very slightly different looks, it was his personality. This guy was very extroverted and the guy I’d had the one night stand with was super shy.

I didn’t give anything away though and, when I asked him about his family, I found out he had a twin brother. Then it all made sense – I’d slept with his brother.

Yep, that’s how it unfolded – I was on a date with Danny but I’d had a one night stand with his twin brother Tom.

I never mentioned it, of course

Let’s be real, I didn’t even know if we’d end up having more than one date. But we were still dating three months later, and had totally fallen for each other. That’s when he said he wanted me to meet his family.

We went to his mum’s for dinner and as soon as I walked in, there was Tom.

We locked eyes and I knew that he knew who I was

I smiled at him and gave him a look that, I hoped, said, ‘let’s keep this a secret’. He acted like he was meeting me for the first time.

I didn’t see much of Tom but when Danny and I got engaged, we had a party and, at one stage Tom and I were alone in the kitchen.

That’s the one and only time we’ve ever brought up our past

I said, ‘You won’t ever tell him, will you? “and he said, ‘God no! No way!’ Tom was also engaged so I knew he wouldn’t want to risk his fiancé knowing about us and, given that the twins were so close, I knew he didn’t want to risk messing up his relationship with Danny.

So my secret is safe for now. The only other person who knows about this is my sister and I trust her to the end of the earth.

What would happen if my husband knew I’d slept with his twin brother? Maybe it wouldn’t bother him, maybe he’d laugh? Or maybe he’d be mortified.

I don’t want to risk my marriage so if the truth ever came out, I’d just deny it ever happened.


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Well now the whole internet knows about it so you better hope we don’t spill the beans eh?

That’s a pretty awkward situation to be in but one thing doesn’t quite add up about it for me and that’s the fact that if she matched him on Tinder then surely she would have known that his name was Danny and not Tom before she went to meet him, so would have at least had some suspicions about that? Or did she just assume he used a fake name on the app/one night stands?

Either way I’m kinda of the mind that that would creep most girls out – no matter how good the sex – and put them off meeting him. But then again sex does seem to be at the top of the equation for a lot of people, so maybe it wouldn’t? Shrugs.

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