Woman Reports Man To Police Over Revenge Fart After She Denied Him Sex

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Slight overreaction maybe?

Over in the Swedish town of Laholm, a fart has become a criminal matter after a woman decided to report a guy for farting in her apartment.

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The suitably vague report from Swedish newspaper Hallandsposten states that the guy went over to the woman’s apartment on what seems like a booty call – or maybe a Tinder hookup or something – but when he got there she just wasn’t feeling it and they didn’t hook up. Understandably the guy was a bit ticked off about all that and on his way out let out what the woman could only describe as a ‘revenge fart’.

She noted:

It disturbed my piece of mind. It smelled very bad in the apartment.

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Yeah, I guess that’s what normally happens when someone lets out a revenge fart, but I don’t think it’s really any reason to report this guy to the police, do you? It’s just a bad smell and considering some of the stories you hear about hook ups going wrong, it’s definitely not the worst thing that could have happened. Lighten up and open a window girl.

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As far as first date/hook up stories go though, you can’t really beat the girl who hid her shit in her handbag on the first date can you?


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