This Story Of A Woman Hiding Her Poo In Her Purse On A First Date Is Horrifying

Woman sat on toilet

How was the first date? It was shitty.

First dates are tough. You’ve got to worry that you look OK, that you say the right thing and then there’s the whole added pressure of “will we, won’t we” be having sex at the end of the night?

One thing that people mostly don’t have to worry about is finding a decent hiding place for their shit. Unfortunately for Twitter user @_blotty she was actually faced with this nightmare situation after she got back to her date’s house only to find out that…well, I’ll let you find out for yourself:

Glad she made it through OK, but seriously what on EARTH would possess anyone to do that? I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t have been too fazed if she’d left it in the toilet. I mean, he might’ve been a bit grossed out, but nothing compared to if he had found out that she had hid it in her purse — that’s batshit crazy level right there.

This girl must be tweaked because not only did she hide poop in her bag, but she also decided to tell the world about it even though she could’ve completely gotten away with it. It’s pretty funny though so we’re glad she shared.

I wonder if she has set up a second date? There’s no reason why not – this guy shit himself on the first date and it progressed into a beautiful, long-term relationship. That’s real love right there.


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