VIDEO: Woman Wearing Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties Gets Buzzed By Strangers

Strangers Buzz Woman With Vibrating Panties

When it’s your hen do/bachelorette party, anything goes.

A woman on her bachelorette party/hen do had a pretty big surprise when her buddies made her wear a pair of remote controlled vibrating panties all night. This is a pretty awesome prank as it meant that she couldn’t really do anything all night without screaming in ecstasy.

Unfortunately though, this obviously attracted some mischievous strangers who probably weren’t as kind to the woman as her friends might have been. One guy grabbed the remote and immediately started busting it out and filming the ensuing results.

Although it’s kind of creepy how much the nerd enjoys pressing the button, it is pretty hilarious that every time the vibrator comes on the woman has to hit the ground and can’t walk anymore. It’s almost like you can actually control women with a remote control – if only it was that easy.

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