This Woman Recorded Her Dog Licking Peanut Butter Off Her Vagina


Will never understand people that commit sexual acts with animals, but I suppose you can’t really help what you’re attracted to – I do think that you could probably not record it though.

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Sadly for 25 year old Bethany Kimmis from Queensland, Australia wasn’t able to hold her depraved urges inside and decided to film her dog licking peanut butter off her genitals. The police discovered two 20 second clips of the grotesque act on her smartphone when they raided her residence for more serious offences attributed to her partner.

Kimmis claimed that her partner had forced her to commit the act and unbelievably was only handed a $500 fine and was allowed to keep the pet. A conviction wasn’t recorded either. Magistrate Jacqueline Payne said the following:

 I accept that Kemmis is embarrassed and remorseful and will not record a conviction.

There was no harm to the dog physically or, what I would say, psychologically.

There has been serious effects on her personally and financially.

It has had a horrendous effect on her life.

Yeah no doubt, but I think if you’re outed as someone who takes part in these kind of vile practices then you probably deserve your life to be completely turned upside down when you get found out. Dread to think what her partner was involved with too if he was being investigated on more serious charges.

Even if the woman was mentally unstable and repentant, I still find it kind of bizarre how lenient the judge was over all this. Surely she shouldn’t be allowed to keep the dog after abusing it like she did? Weird flex over there in Australia.

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