Woman Gets Rapper’s Name Tattooed On Her Rib After One Month; Then Gets Blocked On Everything



You’ve gotta love a story about some idiot falling in love with someone after about a week and then doing something really stupid because of it and this one is no exception.

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24 year old Only Fans model, content creator and mother of one Kayley Hazel from Leeds started talking to a rapper from London on the internet and met up with him a few times in person and because everything was going so well decided to get his name tattooed on her ribcage. Perfectly normal behaviour there from Kayley, but to everyone’s shock, the rapper ended up blocking her on every way of contacting him shortly afterwards.

Unbelievable behaviour right? It’s almost like this rapper guy just dated her for a month and encouraged her to get a tattoo of his name so that he could put it in a music video or his social media accounts or something.

Anyway, here’s what Kayley had to say about the situation:

I’d met this guy from London, who was a few years younger than me. We had met up and things were going well. He was the exact same in person, which is rare as people can be different in person, but we just matched so well.

I would cook for him, he would come over, and we hit it off and our personalities matched so well too.

A week later, we were still chatting, and I thought you know what, this is so spontaneous, but I want to get this guy’s name tattooed on me. I don’t usually like tattoos. I think they’re really ugly and so tacky, but here I was thinking about getting one.

I told him I was going to get his name tattooed on me, and he was so excited about it. I told him I was getting it on my left rib, and he asked me to film it getting it done. He’s in the rap industry and said he wanted to post me getting it done on his social media so I said, of course. We were both buzzing about it.

It cost £30 and it’s only really small but the pain was unbelievable. I would say it’s on the same level as giving birth – it was quite horrific.

I’d known him for a month and a lot had happened in that month, but after a week after getting it done, the conversation and chat died. I was so upset about it, it took me a good month for it to stop hurting. I wasn’t in love with him, but I did really like him.

I just wanted answers. I would ring and message him asking why he was not talking to me, and he would say he was busy with work. He made time for me before – I wasn’t even asking for much. I was just not getting anywhere with why he was doing this. He eventually blocked me on everything.

People said I was delusional and others would comment saying ‘girl no way’, they were all negative, but I understand and I get why people say it.

I will get it removed, which will kill me, but I need to get it done and get rid of it.

No one knows about the tattoo apart from him, a few of my friends and people on TikTok none of my family knew.

OK so obviously the funniest part of all that is that she got a tattoo of this guy’s name – that looks like it’s ineligible anyway – after a month of knowing him, but it’s also really funny that this guy was way younger than 24 year old Kayley. What was she getting mugged off by a 17 year old or something?

The other part that I found really funny about this was that only ‘people on TikTok’ know about the silly little tattoo when she’s got like 12,000 followers on the platform or whatever. I know that isn’t exactly big numbers in terms of influencers, but it’s still not exactly nobody is it? Really dumb story.

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