Watch The Moment A Woman Pulls A Gun From Her Skirt And Shoots Into Another Car (VIDEO)

Woman Shoots Into Car

Drive by.

I’ve heard of road rage but I haven’t ever heard of petrol station rage involving women and guns. It looks like it’s a thing though and one that can even end up worse than road rage incidents if the video below is anything to go by, as it actively shows some woman fire a gun into a car during such an argument. Heated.

It’s not clear what anyone in the video is angry about but I suppose you can assume that one of them stole the other’s pump or something. Anyway, it escalates pretty quickly to people running around pushing each other and punching each other, until this ghetto bitch pulls a gun out of her skirt and starts firing lead into the front seat of the car she’s beefing with. Narsty.

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Too far:

Jesus. The woman was arrested two hours after this video was taken, but there’s still no word on the condition of the two people who were shot at or what the hell these guys were beefing over. It seems a little off to me, but then again that could just be the streets of Detroit, who knows.

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